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Not only do we work around the clock and have the best of best when it comes to software and logistics, but we also know trucking because our team owns them as well. We know what can and cant happen, how to become strategic, expectancies and to be proactive. We dont just sit behind a desk and push buttons we get involved and our customers speak volumes of our level of service. You will not get any other service anywhere else like ours. 

Shows and Entertainment Logistics

Its pretty simple because our true wheel house is shows and entertainment we offer that extra level of service on everything we do. We go above and beyond. We offer tracking, true 24/7, expedited, white glove and much more. We have some secrets we wont share them all but when you work with Capacity Express you will see why you made the right choice. 

So the way it works for us, if we didn't cover it on our internal assets we still use that promising service to

make sure we treat your freight the same. Lets be honest your trusting us with your freight and we are going

to show you why. We mix it up with our secret sauce and get some good results, well we do all we can to make that happen. We all know this is trucking things happen, but its being on your toes, communicating, finding options, resources and just going the extra miles. Thats exactly what you get when you choose Capacity Express you get a partner. We do what it takes when it takes. To us its more than just numbers and pricing, its success, and relationships and maintaining them. 

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