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When it comes to making shipments move, safe, secure, efficiently and on time Capacity Express is the leader. From this woman owned business, imagine making the best cookies fresh out the oven, the love of a mother, that’s the service your going to get from Capacity Express. There simply isn’t better, we understand, we pay attention to detail, and we care. Whats yours is ours, and will always be treated that way.

We took a whole lot of Logistics experience, passion, and a lot of business knowledge we put them in a blender and Capacity Express was created. Providing a level of service, willing to put in an amplitude of time, and as strategic as we are, we always come up with Capacity.

Sometimes it takes thinking outside of the box, kind of like when mom bakes cookies, but she has the special ingredients that gets passed down generations. That’s what capacity express is, we are strategic, Capacity Express will exhaust all options and go above and beyond.

Capacity Express is a promising company , we will always have options when nobody else does. Just remember that special ingeredients.

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