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Lets talk about how we do things:

As many companies need there funds in full to operate properly, wether it be offices, airlines or transportation we strategically came up with a way to get everyone paid in full for FREE. We have decided to give advantages that no one else will or can. As we all know most companies have charges or hidden fee’s. Well Capacity Express is an advantage driven business, so what we decided to do is pay all our Carriers with no hidden fee’s and within 48 hours of the delivery. Our Quick Pay Program is just another reason why Capacity Express will continue leading the market in Logistics.

Lets get it done.

We are partnered with Triumph Business Capital – We offer Quick Pay Same Day 2% 

What we need is the following – W9 – Voided Check – Invoice from you to Us-  NOA Sometimes accounting is busy or tied up, don’t worry we can help, Inquire Now


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